Software as a Service Sans Target™
No customer login data or keys stored anywhere

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Interested in trying it out? We have a limited number of trials that we can conduct at this time. Please visit our Support Center at and submit a request with information on your potential needs, present and future. We will let you know when you can try it.

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Please choose a sales model. End-user support may also be included, with our knowledge-base developed in several years of ZSentry experience, using HelpDeskPower™ to provide on-demand and/or on-site help to your end-users and technical team, including support tickets that can be easily integrated with your back-end support.

  • On-Demand: Pay-as-you-go subscription model, where ZSentry™ provides the Authentication and Authorization platform. No hardware or software to download, install, or maintain. No password lists, anywhere. No hosting required.

    You can use your own brand, domain name, and servers when your customers register and later gain access through the ZSentry service, which works transparently at the back-end of your system. Users may also be directed by you to the ZSentry service, for example by a secure email Zmail™ that you send to authenticate their email address; thereafter, users login to ZSentry and are granted access to your user's area in your servers. All necessary software, hardware, connectivity, and customer support are provided by ZSentry. End-user support may also be included. If necessary, ZSentry can provide and host additional services to support your business needs.

  • On-Site: Purchase your own ZSentry Appliance™. Allows your organization to retain physical control of the ZSentry servers, for Internet or intranet use. ZSentry is responsible for maintenance, updates, and customer support. You may use the On-Site option together with the On-Demand option, for example to allow public and enterprise user classes. End-user support may also be included, provided On-Demand and/or On-Site by the ZSentry Appliance itself
For inquiries, please visit our Support Center at and submit a request with information on your needs. We will contact you.

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